Dan's journey with PD

Well, here I was just 46 years old with 4 kids ages 22,19,17 and 16  and a wife of 
11 years who I had to tell that I had Parkinson’s.

The only two people I new that had PD were Michael J Fox and Muhammad Ali and they were both messed up with tremors and involuntary Body movements—-I didn’t want to go through that —I thought why me God? Why me ?  Little did I know that I was just about to embark on one of the most destructive and bizarre behaviors that I ever had exhibited when the “pity party” was in full gear ....

I remember going into a deep depression right away. But I was trying to hide it and act like it was no big deal. So I went on a series of events that reflected the “new me” which was to live life to the fullest without any caution nor any concerns about anybody but me !   The life of the party !  More next time   Not a proud time for me !