The Pity Party

Well the Pity Party was well underway. 
Anybody who would listen I would tell about my “ death sentence “ 
Mostly bartenders and close friends were my targets  as my drinking started to increase my behaviors became more and more bizarre 
Few gems For you for my parky pals
-  since i wasn’t going to live much
  Longer no reason not to over tip substantially any cute female bartender or waitress ( eg $40 tip on
a $20 tab )  or buy all the drinks for all of my friends all of the time. ( big shooter Dan)  But my most proudest moment is when I started to conduct
Interviews with friends and strangers to replace me upon my death as I started to line up dates for my wife
So i could have her “replacement “ in place by the time of my demise (i
Referred to this as taking care
Of my wife).  
So if think it cant get any worse than this just wait till installment #4 coming soon.  It gets even better!